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​Boiler Installation
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Looking for highly experienced Gas Safe Engineers, at Gas Wizard Heating Services we can provide you with a new central heating boiler installation in the Newcastle-upon Tyne, Sunderland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead or Northumberland area?

Because Gas Wizard Heating Services are a small local company we pride ourselves on a professional fast efficient turn around while giving our customers the personal touch. At Gas Wizard Heating Services we are always on hand to offer advice so that you can make a more informed decision when you are investing in a new boiler installation.
We undertake all types of boiler installation
Reasons to choose a new energy efficient Level A Boiler

Boiler Installation

Boiler installation
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Before any new boiler installation or boiler replacement we undertake, we send out on request one of our gas safe registered engineers to visit your property and evaluate the current installation. The engineer will calculate the right size boiler and help you to choose the one that would suits your property and your budget best. We will provide you with a free written quote for the new boiler installation shortly after the visit.
Our team of fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers install all types of residential gas fired boilers (Combination boilers known as combi boilers, system boilers and heat only boilers.) All our new boiler installations come with the added benefit of a free boiler & central heating flush and landlord gas safety certificate if the property to be rented.

Baxi boiler installation
As keen gas engineers, we love Baxi brand for its heritage (since 1866 providing heating & hot water solutions) great design, the simplicity to install and use, let alone the reliability and the affordable price all Baxi products come with which ultimately help us as a proud heating engineers to keep our reputation high . We only choose our products (boilers and controls) from well trusted boiler manufacturers such as Baxi, Intergas, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Glow Worm, honeywell and Drayton.

All our boiler installations come with added labour guarantee on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the manufacturer warranty, Baxi offer the industry leading 10 years warranty on Platinum combi boiler, and 5-7 on other models.

New Condensing Boiler installation
central heating
Gas Wizard Heating’s Gas Safe Engineers only supply you with the most efficient and reliable condensing boilers on the market today (a-rated, fully modulating). We are very careful to test all products and systems we supply or install. We stay ahead of the game, we visit boiler manufacturers and we test new boilers and systems regularly to guarantee they will provide you with safety and efficiently.

Before boiler installation
It is paramount that you obtain the right advice before choosing your new boiler our team are on hand to explain to you how to get the best out of our heating systems. We will provide you with the best brochures and information on the options available for your new boiler installation.
Our friendly well-informed staff are always on hand to demonstrate to you how all our products (boilers, central heating system controls) work. To discuss your new boiler installation and maintenance requirements:
For a free quote on new boiler installation Call us anytime on 07890 242485 or email us to info@gaswizardheating.co.uk

Boiler Installation Types
combi boiler repairs
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Boiler installation types
We at Gas Wizard Heating Boiler Repair believe that if the boiler and central heating at your home are installed and maintained correctly they should give you trouble free comfort for years.

We are North East based Plumbing & Gas Safe Engineers, we under take all types of domestic gas boiler installations in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Boiler installation types?
Gas Wizard Heating Boiler Repair put together this small guide to explain to all our customers the most common boiler installation types

Combi boiler installation types
Combination boilers – more commonly known as combi boilers – are the most popular boiler installation types in the UK and provide heat and hot water with no need for water tanks or cylinders.

  • you get unlimited heating and hot water when you need it but not simultaneously, as hot water takes priority.
  • there’s no need for a tank in your loft.
  • they don’t take up much space.
  • combi boiler installations tend to be less expensive than system boiler installations

  • The water pressure might be reduced if you need hot water from more than one tap at a time.
  • No heating when there is demand for hot water, as diverter valve serve one side at a time.
  • Suitable for Almost any home, but best for homes where lots of people won’t need lots of hot water at the same time, in other word, best for flats 2,3 and 4 bedroom house.

System boiler installation types

system boilers

System Conventional (heat only) boiler installation types

Conventional boilers – also known as open vent-heat only- or regular boilers – have both a cylinder and a tank.
  • You can get hot water from multiple taps at the same time.
  • The hot water can run out and you’ll have to wait for it to reheat, unlike combi the water is preheated.
  • You need to find room for the cylinder and the tank. i.e airing cupboard
  • Suitable for Homes which need to have hot water in more than one place at the same time, two bathrooms for example.

Condensing boiler is not boiler installation type

replacement combi boiler
Condensing boilers aren’t strictly a boiler type – instead it’s an attribute your boiler can have in any of the modern boiler installation types, e.g. you can have a condensing combi boiler or a condensing conventional boiler.
Condensing boilers are very energy efficient because they capture some of the heat which would escape from the flue of a non-condensing boiler and re-use it. This means they get more heat from the same amount of fuel, which will save you money on your heating bills.
All new gas boilers have had to be condensing since 2005 (although in exceptional circumstances non-condensing boilers are allowed).

Energy-efficient boilers

All new boilers are energy efficient – since 2010 all new boilers must be A-rated for energy efficiency, or at least 88% efficient.
The energy efficiency rating system for boilers is called SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). All boilers are assessed and given a rating to help you pick a boiler that is energy-efficient, or see how efficient your existing boiler is.

How else can you save on heating?

Getting an energy-efficient boiler is a great start to saving on heating, but what’s the purpose of heating your home if the heat is escaping?
Proper insulation and draught-proofing are vital accompaniments to any energy-efficiency upgrades you make on your heating system, and installing them need not be costly or time-consuming.


If you’re put off by the invasive nature of insulation installation then draught-proofing is for you. Draught-proofing starts with locating draughts around your home. Look for cracks around windows and doors or gaps between the doors and the frame.

Luckily plugging these gaps is as easy as visiting the DIY store. Self-adhesive foam strips are great for the borders around windows, whilst brushes can be attached to the bottom of doors or letterboxes to stop hot air escaping.
For larger cracks around window frames you can use sealant or putty to fill them up.

For bigger gaps like a chimney flue you will need specialist products. A chimney balloon simply inflates and blocks the chimney flue preventing cold air from rushing in, and hot air rushing out.


Insulation is more expensive and complex to install, but it’s also an even bigger money-saver than draught-proofing making it well worth the effort.
An estimated 25% of the heat lost in a typical home is through the roof. Loft insulation is the most basic form and if you have a roof and attic in your home, it’s where you should start.
While new-build properties and those built in the last few years are likely to already have insulation installed, older properties may not. Even those built in the 70s and 80s may have insulation installed but won’t have sufficient levels.
You can buy loft insulation in DIY stores and install it yourself, but you can also have it installed by a professional.
Wall insulation is an even bigger money-saver but has to be installed by a professional, and the type of wall insulation will depend on what type of home you live in.
If your home was built after 1930 the chances are it has cavity walls, meaning an inner and an outer wall. Cavity wall insulation fills the gap between the walls by drilling holes in the outer wall and pumping in insulation.
If your home was built earlier then you most likely have solid walls. Solid wall insulation consists of packing insulation on the inside or outside of the walls and can be expensive to install, but it can also save a lot of money.
For more information on boiler installation types or for new boiler installation call us anytime on 07890 242485
Boiler Replacement

replacement boiler It is fact that when you compare the new super safe, high efficiency condensing boilers with the old, inefficient boilers, you find the old ones are more costly to run, unpredictable, unreliable, and unsafe to keep as they do cause hassle and waste of money, let alone are likely to create an unnecessary safety risk in your home due to corrosion, wear and tear on gas component’s and controls.
Gas Wizard Heating Gas Safe Engineers put together this simple guide to help you when and how best to decide whether you have to replace your boiler or not and how to have your boiler evaluated for replacement or for safety and efficiency for free.
As a rule of thumb if your boiler is around 10 year old and constantly breaking down and the repair proved to be beyond economical it is time to let it go. If you wish us to find out how old your boiler is? or you are concerned about its safety give us a call on 07890 242485 or email us to info@gaswizardheating.co.uk. We will provide you with a free evaluation for your old boiler and free written with no obligation quote for the new one. Or you could also find how old your boiler is by simply visiting SAP.

Before boiler replacement

​One of our Gas Safe registered engineers will tell you precisely how old your boiler is by its GC number, you could request our engineer to provide you with a free effeciency test to find out how efficient your boiler is, and whether it is operating satisfactorily (co test) as it should or not. We use the most advanced analysers (Anton chart) to tell you precisely how much you are getting out of every pound spent on gas, whether it could improve with full service or not, and we will provide you with a printed copy of the percentage of the efficiency after taking performance analysing test while your appliance firing on full rate.

An experienced Gas wizard heating engineer will be happy to visit your home at your own convenient time from 07: 30 am to 09:00 pm to discuss your requirements. We will guide you and assist you to select the best boiler replacement that will suit your home and budget best. We offer a wide range of A-rated high efficiency condensing boilers in the market to suit the needs of all budgets and homes, idealy we advise all our customers to stick to Baxi boilers and Honeywell control, simply because German boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are not suitable for British hard water, and old heating systems, they are meant for new buildings.

Boiler repalcement
Each boiler Gas wizard heating’s Gas Safe Engineers consider for any installation, undergoes extensive efficiency and quality testing prior the installation, when it comes to boiler replacement Gas wizard heating Boiler replacement Engineers consider and evaluate carefully the system installed in your property and bearing that in mind we select the right boiler that is best for your home.

An upgrade to a combi boiler or mega flow system is not always the right option as if the rising mains pressure is low they won’t work correctly.
To arrange boiler evaluation or to discuss boiler replacement Call us anytime on
07890 242485
Condensing boiler
Gas Wizard Heating Condensing Boiler Specialists
Call us anytime on 07890 242485
We undertake all types of condensing boiler installation

boiler conversion
Condensing Boiler Installation
What is the best condensing boiler make to install?
new combi boiler
Gas wizard heating put this guide together to guide through choosing the right condensing boiler to install in your home.
Boilers are important part to any home: they keep room’s warm, water hot and inhabitants happy. But the fact is not all boilers are born equal.
It is a proven fact that by replacing your 10 year old non-condensing boiler with a new high efficiency condensing one, you could cut your carbon footprint by nearly two tonnes and save as much as £300 plus a year on utilities bills, and a lot on breakdowns, great for your pocket, let alone you keep Mother Nature happy.

Why condensing boiler?
Condensing boilers whether they are system, combi, or heat only are the most popular boilers in the UK today, and by law, all new central heating boilers fitted in the UK must now be condensing boilers.
Condensing boilers are easy to fit and tend to be highly efficient. A-rated condensing boilers rank at least 90% plus efficient, compared to older boilers, which can convert just 60% of their fuel into heat.
This means with high efficiency boiler when you spend £1 on gas you get £0.90 plus of heat not £0.60 p.

types of boilers

Because A-rated condensing boilers use a third less fuel than older boilers, they cut your heating bills and CO2 emissions by a third, great for your savings!

Top Tip: You can find out how old and energy-efficient your current boiler is by logging onto www.boilers.org.uk and typing in the boiler’s name and model number know as GC.
You can also determine what type of boiler you have by looking at the flue (the pipe that carries the boiler’s products of combustion (exhaust) to outside the house:
If the flue is made of plastic and releases steam when the boiler is on, you most likely that you have a condensing boiler.
If the flue is made out of metal and you can’t see any steam, your boiler is probably of the non-condensing variety.

The 3 types of condensing boilers
Condensing boilers come in three varieties: regular, system and combination (combi).
Regular condensing boilers heat hot water and then store it in a hot water cylinder. They’re best suited for homes with family-sized central heating systems.
System condensing boilers are for similar-sized homes, but their heating and hot water components are already built in. Installation is quicker and easier.
Combination (combi) boilers combine instant hot water heating with central heating in one boiler, taking water directly from the mains. There’s no need for a hot water cylinder and by only heating up as much hot water as you need, you’ll save on costs. They suit small to medium homes (2,3 and 4 bedroom) with good mains pressure.