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Radiator replacement

A radiator is a critical part of your central heating system and when they malfunction they can have a major impact on how the central heating system functions. If your radiator fails to heat-up it is advisable to have them checked out by a trained engineer before the problem becomes a major issue. Even a small leak on a radiator can have a major impact on your central heating system.

Radiators, valves, thermostats and pipes can all be affected by corrosion, and to deal with this problem we recommend our Flush system from Magnacleanse. This simple no mess-operation can have an amazing impact on how your central heating system functions it will be more effective, cost less to run and it will prolong the life of many of the components in the central heating.

Whether you need a new radiator installed or an existing radiator to be moved to a new location in your home, we can assist you with our local and experienced engineers we can provide the installation of new radiators at your property.

You may find that not all your existing radiators are heating up fully we could assess your radiator system and advise you on the best solution, it may be that your radiators would benefit from a clean, we us a magnacleanse system to clean and flush all the iron oxide out that may be restricting the circulation of your system you may also benefit by installing magnaclean filter which helps protect and clean your boiler and radiator system.

Whether you need a simple system bleed, valve replacement or a radiator upgrade to a more energy –efficient system, the team at Gas Wizard Heating Services can help. And our prices and services offer great value for money.